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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in December 2014

By | Published on Wednesday 7 January 2015

Christmas Carols Radio

As 2014 drew to a close, a suitably festive report on a radio station that plays only Christmas carols made it into the top ten most-read stories on the CMU website. However, at number one was the considerably less fun news that Bradford Cox of Deerhoof and Atlas Sound had been injured when he was hit by a car. There have been no subsequent updates on his recovery, but we hope he’s able to get back to work soon.

After that came an article on a Beach Boys release featuring previously unreleased songs from 1964. The digital-only release was put out to reboot the European copyright in those recordings, as The Beatles did last year. The article went on to speculate as to whether or not the Fab Four would do so again in 2014 – there was no confirmation at that point though fans were still holding out hope, but in the end nothing emerged.

Number three on the list was a late entry, and a significant one. Irving Azoff, in his new guise as publishing royalty collector, is gearing up for a battle with YouTube. Actually, the battle has been bubbling away nicely for a few months now, but Azoff’s lawyer is now talking about a billion dollar infringement lawsuit. This case will test the water for what is likely to be a year in which the publishing industry fights for a higher portion of streaming royalties – the vast proportion of which currently go to record labels.

Before you check out the full list, let’s take a quick look at the five most-read features on the CMU site in December too. Most popular by some distance was an Artist Of The Year feature on Babymetal, with a similar piece on Kate Bush in third and a round up of all ten artists selected as favourites of 2014 by the CMU team sandwiched between them. After that was a Beef Of The Week column on comedian Tom Binns and some choice words he directed at Simon Bates. And fifth was an interview with Justin Evans of MixGenius, extracted from the latest music business trends report sent out to our premium subscribers. Details on how to become one of those from just £5 a month here.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: Bradford Cox hit by car, hospitalised
02: Beach Boys 1964 rarities released to reboot copyright, what about The Beatles?
03: Irving Azoff is ready to step up his battle with YouTube
04: NOFX’s Fat Mike scripts rock musical
05: Parklife Festival fined £70,000 over mum text
06: Pirate Bay operators taking a break as copycat sites gain momentum
07: Monster loses attempt to overturn Beastie Boys copyright infringement ruling
08: BBC Music Awards nominations out
09: Non-stop Christmas carols station launches
10: Now Pirate Bay Facebook is deleted, though file-sharing levels remain unaffected

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