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Single Review: The xx – Islands (Beggars/Young Turks)

By | Published on Tuesday 13 October 2009

The xx

The xx have had a lot of buzz about them this year. I distinctly remember trying to squeeze into their tent at Offset and eventually giving up – which was rather sad. I’m only 5’2″. This kind of buzz usually makes me edge away – slowly – and while I’m not doing that right now, I admit that I am sort of dithering around the periphery. ‘Islands’ incorporates a kind of apathetic tone, in vocal stylings as well as instrumentation. And while it is foremost a good, melodic little pop tune, the drone of it sounds like something you’d just expect from a contemporary indie band, and, despite the press at large being in love with how ‘different’ this band are, ‘Islands’ is a little disappointing, ultimately predictable, and, if I may, kind of boring. TW

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