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There is no new Outkast LP, OK?

By | Published on Friday 21 February 2014


Big Boi has shot down rumours that an Outkast LP is on its way, so you can all just give up, calm down, go home, and stop talking about it.

Though it is a fact that BB and his Outkast partner Andre 3000 are doing a 20th anniversary world tour of various international festivals, not least Wireless and Bestival in the UK… um, that’s it. It’s just the tour. No album. No, no, no.

Talking to Revolt TV on the matter, Big Boi spoke thus: “No, no, no. We’re just doing the tour only, just for the fans. That’s all it is, just the tour. It’s just the Outkast 20th year anniversary, just a way for us to celebrate with our fans, but there’s no album in the works, no”.

Note: that’s four ‘nos’. Which all in all adds up to one large, quadruple ‘no’ on the Outkast LP front. On the Big Boi solo front, though, the rapper does have a third solo LP on the go, so that’s something.