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These New Puritans releasing Expanded live LP

By | Published on Tuesday 9 September 2014

These New Puritans

These New Puritans will release ‘Expanded’, a live LP taped at a show they played at the Barbican in London back in April, on 20 Oct. It features a 35-piece band playing TNP’s latest LP ‘Field Of Reeds’ in its entirety – as well as earlier tracks and singles – alongside opera singer Elisa Rodrigues and the Synergy Vocals choir.

TNP leader Jack Barnett, who conceived all the bigger and better new live arrangements, points to ‘Expanded’ as being “as definitive as the studio album for me”, adding: “It’s like putting on a Broadway show, lots of people, meetings, plans, schedules. I’m just as interested in that side of it, really”.

Looking past the live album, he goes on: “I’ve had to sort of stop myself from working on new music while we were working on ‘Expanded’, it’s been quite difficult. But now we’ve finished it and I’ve had a week off, so I’ve got bored, so we’re starting on new stuff. But first I’ve got to go through all the dictaphone recordings I’ve amassed over the last few months, lots of me mumbling an idea at four in the morning, and sort through them and work some of them up, then we’ll have a clean slate to work from”.

And this is the ‘Expanded’ tracklisting, followed by a megamix of excerpts from the LP and, finally, a full play of ‘We Want War’:

Intro Tape
The Way I Do
Fragment Two
The Light In Your Name
Island Song
Organ Eternal
Nothing Else But This
Field of Reeds
Three Thousand
We Want War
Spitting Stars