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This Just-in: Bieber considered quitting after Yeater claims

By | Published on Monday 18 June 2012

Justin Bieber

The Bieber has admitted that the allegations made against him last year by Mariah Yeater caused him to temporarily question whether he wanted to be a world famous pop star anymore.

But then presumably he remembered all the cash, the cars, the constant adoration, and the fact he gets all that just by singing some mediocre pop songs from time to time, and suddenly being a world famous pop star seemed like a good idea again, even if you do have to tolerate some embarrassing mistruths being spread around.

Yeater, of course, claimed Bieber had fathered her child during a brief sexual liaison backstage at a concert. Her lawyers insisted they had the evidence, and asked the courts to force Bieber to take a paternity test. The pop star said he’d gladly take the test voluntarily, to disprove the claims, and enable him to sue Yeater for defamation. She then withdrew her lawsuit, swapped lawyers, and disappeared into the distance still insisting, rather unconvincingly, that she’d had sex with the teen star.

Speaking about the embarrassing and pretty obviously untrue from the start allegations, Bieber has told Fabulous magazine: “At the beginning of it all I was in Florida, away from my friends and family and I was pretty sad. I got to the point where I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this. I just want to be normal’. It was difficult because I’d never gone through anything like that”.

But then Bieber’s long-term mentor Usher stepped in. “Usher was like, ‘Prepare to have this for the rest of your career because it’s not going to stop’. He’s gone through some stuff and most artists go through their fair share of bull. That was just my first time”. Reflecting on the Yeater incident with hindsight, he continued: “I feel sorry for her more than anything. Everything that hurts you makes you stronger in the end. You’ve got to learn from the bad things that happen”.