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Tidal gets fit with Barry

By | Published on Tuesday 20 November 2018


You remember Tidal right? Streams, Jay-Z, Jay-Z’s mates, gonna change the world? Yeah, that.

Well it’s still going and to celebrate it’s announced a tie-up with Barry’s – a leading, global, boutique “fitness brand”, apparently – which will, and I quote, “bring consumers an elevated fitness and music experience”. And there was me thinking Barry’s made tea.

The deal basically means putting together some Barry’s branded playlists. But not just any old playlists. Oh no. “Special playlists to take on-the-go that include heart-rate pumping tracks to keep you motivated in and out of the gym”. Good times.

It’s not just super fit playlists though. There’ll be some groovy events down the line, and the customary three month freebie subscriptions for Barry’s customers.

“Music plays an integral role in any fitness workout and we’ve seen the uplifting energy it creates in every Barry’s class”, says Tidal COO Lior Tibon. “Tidal is THRILLED to partner with the boutique fitness brand to amplify that feeling for its members both in and out of class”.

How exciting. I need a sit down and a cup of tea after all that.