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Time for some more Jacko!

By | Published on Thursday 22 October 2009

Hey, it’s been at least a few days since we last had a Jacko story, time to rectify that oversight I think. Tell you what, let’s have three stories.

First up, and a new development in the Jackson family’s bid to decrease the powers of the executors of the Jacko estate, John Branca and John McClain, and the 2002 will that appointed them. Now Randy Jackson has stepped forward to doubt the legitimacy of the will entirely, on the basis that it would have been impossible for the late singer to sign it.

The will is dated 5pm on 7 Jul 2002, and suggests it was signed and witnessed in LA. However, Randy reckons he has proof that Jackson was, on that day, in New York participating in his infamous “Sony are evil, Sony chief Tommy Mottola is racist” campaign which followed the somewhat lacklustre performance of his 2001 album ‘Invincible’.

The lawyer for the estate, Howard Weitzman, told TMZ that the witnesses to the will were “face-to-face” with Jackson when it was signed, though was ambiguous as to whether the document was signed in LA or New York, despite it saying LA in the will itself. I’ve no idea if the will naming LA but being signed in New York would have any bearing on the status of the document if that was proven to have occurred. Meanwhile Branca and McClain are reportedly asking the LA courts to formally state the extent of their powers over the estate to counter those attempts by the Jackson clan to have their powers reduced.

Next, and a Nevada judge has released more documents relating to the investigation of Dr Conrad Murray, and his alleged role in administering the drugs that killed Jackson. Warrant documents relating to various police searches conducted as part of their investigation into Murray were made public yesterday. However, documents relating to a search of the Las Vegas pharmacy where some think Murray acquired the drug that killed Jacko – propofol – are still sealed at the request of the police. Various US media organisations are pressing for all papers to be made public.

Finally in Jacko news, there were reports yesterday that the late king of pop’s children had been involved in a car accident seemingly involving a paparazzo. However, it transpired that the snapper had driven into a vehicle being driven by one of the Jackson clan’s security guards, which was following another car driven by the Jacko kids’ nanny, and carrying Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. Their car wasn’t affected. The pap allegedly drove away after hitting the security guard’s car, which could lead to hit and run charges being pressed against the snapper if he can be found.