TJ Jackson’s co-guardianship of MJ’s children confirmed

By | Published on Thursday 23 August 2012

Tito Jackson Jr

A judge has finalised an arrangement to make TJ Jackson co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children. Their grandmother Katherine Jackson will remain their primary guardian, but TJ will also have legally recognised guardian status.

As previously reported, TJ, a nephew of the late king of pop, was temporarily made a guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson last month after concerns were raised about the Jackson matriarch’s ability to care for them.

Katherine Jackson had spent ten days away from the home she shares with her grandchildren, and Paris Jackson had claimed on Twitter than neither she nor her siblings knew where their grandmother had gone. Meanwhile some claimed that other members of the Jackson family were trying to interfere, possibly linked to a dispute within the Jackson clan regards the will according to which the Michael Jackson Estate is being run.

While not all of Michael’s own siblings were happy with TJ getting guardian status, an LA court confirmed he would retain that position yesterday, with a judge noting “it’s clear to me the children have a very strong, loving relationship with TJ Jackson”.

Meanwhile a legal rep for Katherine Jackson said her client supported TJ’s status as a co-guardian, while adding, with regards allegations her client was being heavily influenced by other parties with their own motives, that: “Mrs Jackson is a well-informed, strong woman who makes her own decisions and can’t be influenced by anyone when it comes to these children”.