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Tracey Emin to design 2015 BRIT Award

By | Published on Thursday 9 October 2014

BRIT Awards 2015

Brace yourself, we’re about to be nice about the BRIT Awards. Because – however much we may have mocked it in the past – I kinda like this thing where the BRITs team asks a different visual artist to redecorate its trophy each year.

It’s a really nice touch at an event otherwise devoid of substance, credibility, validity, class, integrity, humour, virtue, worth, merit, distinction, greatness, zeal, goodness, eminence, cogency, hope, potency, soundness, pertinence, strength, relevance, bearing, principle, style, feeling, judgement, intellect, fire, passion, meaning, fervour, form, sentiment, ecstasy, interest, intrigue, passion, fury, sweetness and joy.

Hmm, sorry about that. Saying something nice in the first paragraph sent me into overdrive in the second. I must stress, to anyone from Team BRITs tuning in right now, I think you’re all fab. And of course I’ll accept that invite for a free feed and ring side seats. And I’ll tweet anything you fucking want. “MASTERCARD, ULTIMATE JOY GIVERS. VISA, BUNCH OF CUNTS”.

Aaaaannnnnyway, Tracey Emin is designing the trophies for the record industry’s big BRITs bash next year, hot on the heels of Vivienne Westwood, Peter Blake, Damien Hirst and Philip Treacy who have all added a twist of artistic delight to the BRITs gong in years gone by. Emin is “thrilled” to be involved in such a “sweet celebration of the amazing talent we have in Britain today”. It is sweet isn’t it? And joyful.

In fact, thinking about it now, it’s an event of fury, passion, intrigue, interest, ecstasy, sentiment, form, fervour, meaning, passion, fire, intellect, judgement, feeling, style, principle, bearing, relevance, strength, pertinence, soundness, potency, hope, cogency, eminence, goodness, zeal, greatness, distinction, merit, worth, virtue, humour, integrity, class, validity, credibility and substance. Or it will be now they’ve got rid of Cordon.

Confirming all this (well, the Tracey Emin bit), BRITs Chairman and Warner boss Max Lousada said: “Tracey is one of the UK’s most prominent fine artists and we are delighted that she has agreed to re-work the 2015 BRITs trophy. Having her on board means that we enter a fifth year of iconic and uniquely designed BRIT statues, and with British creativity very much at the heart of the event, it’s fitting that Tracey takes the baton and continues this tradition”.