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TuneCore launches new unlimited release pricing model

By | Published on Wednesday 8 June 2022


Believe-owned DIY distributor TuneCore has announced a revamp of its pricing, moving from a system where artists pay an annual fee per release to a system where they pay a set fee per year and can then release as many tracks as they like.

Although most of the DIY-level music distributors offer a similar service when it comes to what platforms they deliver content to, there is differentiation between rival companies when it comes to things like add-on services and pricing models.

Some charge less upfront but take a commission on future royalties, others charge fees and then take no commission. Some charge per release, some per year. And some bundle in add-on data and promotional services, while others charge extra for such things.

TuneCore says it is launching its new Unlimited Release service because artists increasingly want the flexibility to release more tracks more often and to test release tracks to a small number of services. The new distribution packages now available will allow artists to do that in an affordable way, it adds.

The firm’s CEO Andreea Gleeson states: “We’ve spent a year speaking directly to artists and labels about how we can make our service better for them. What emerged is: artists want to be able to test their new music for free before distributing to all services and they want to release the music they are creating instantly, regularly, and seamlessly with one annual subscription enabling unlimited music distribution”.

“TuneCore’s new programme gives self-releasing artists at any stage of their careers the freedom to choose the plan that works best for them”, she goes on, “while maintaining the high quality of service TuneCore is known for. With TuneCore Unlimited, artists pay less and earn more”.

Meanwhile, Head Of TuneCore UK & Ireland, Sarah Wilson, adds: “In a world where we are all ‘always on’ we have to appreciate the same goes for artists – creativity in the modern world doesn’t stop. It’s no longer confined to traditional release schedules, and we at TuneCore recognise this, and want to give artists an economical and quality-driven product to support them, whilst still making sure we give them full remuneration”.

“The UK is a breeding ground for boundary pushing in music”, she continues, “and we’re proud to have listened to our clients and embraced the feedback loud and clear – release what you want, when you want, and don’t break the bank doing it”.

Under the new pricing structure, TuneCore will offer three levels priced at £12.99, £24.99 and £39.99 per year, with more add-on services as you work your way up that ladder. Artists receive 100% of any subsequent royalties on all those plans.

The firm’s free-to-access social platform distribution service launched last year will also remain, which allows new artists to get their music into the audio libraries of platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube without any upfront costs, with TuneCore instead taking a commission on any future income.