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Universal allies with LadBible on new emerging talent series

By | Published on Monday 5 November 2018

LadBible Presents Acoustic Room

Universal Music’s playlists division UMOD last week launched a new alliance with that there LadBible which will see the two companies collaborate on a series of acoustic sessions and interviews featuring emerging talent signed to the major’s labels.

Last month was quite an eventful one in the world of Facebook-centric lad-orientated clickbaity publishing, with LadBible successfully but somewhat controversially taking over its rival UniLad. The acquisition was eventful and at times confusing, both brands having being ultimately set up by the same ‘lad’ back at the start of the Facebook boom.

With all that tricky deal making behind it, LadBible can now focus on publishing weekly ‘Acoustic Room’ videos featuring the likes of Mabel, The Manor, Lewis Capaldi and Ray BLK. “LadBible Presents Acoustic Room aims to recapture Friday evenings as an appointment to view the most exciting emerging artists”, says the official blurb. And about time I say, too long has Friday been roaming around free flirting with only established acts.

“Increasingly youth culture, music and social media go hand in hand”, says LadBible Group’s Arian Kalantari. “As the most engaged social publisher in the world, we’re excited to partner with Universal Music On Demand to bring exclusive new music content to audiences of millions. This social-first approach has the potential to redefine how the entire music industry markets and promotes emerging artists”.

Well up for some potential redefining, Universal Music On Demand MD Simon Barnabas adds: “With so much musical choice at an audience’s fingertips, launching new and emerging artists poses challenges for the music industry. This strategic partnership between UMOD and LadBible is the perfect alignment of exciting audio-visual content being shared with a massive, highly engaged and well targeted audience. By joining forces with LadBible, the phenomenal scale of their reach will not only benefit our playlist’s profile, but the individual artists will receive an almighty boost from this additional exposure”.