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Universal announces wide-ranging distribution deal with Glassnote

By | Published on Friday 14 February 2014


Prominent US indie Glassnote has announced a new distribution deal with the only occasionally evil Universal Music, which will see the mega-major provide distribution services for Glassnote releases “worldwide”. Providing you’re one of those people who don’t include Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the “world”. Which is most of us don’t, I think. I know I don’t. Take that Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Universal Music Group Distribution will handle most of that shipping, though in the US Glassnote records will be distributed by the Caroline label services business, while Mumford & Sons and Chvrches, both signed to Glassnote in the States, will be repped globally by Universal UK labels Island and Virgin EMI, to which said bands are directly signed over here. Which is all very neat.

While handing over distribution nonsense to Universal’s label services business, Glassnote has also announced the launch of its own label services type venture, Resolved, which will provide financial, creative and marketing support and consultancy to entertainment entrepreneurs, emerging producers and independent labels. Resolved will also utilise Universal’s distribution networks.

Confirming all this, Universal big cheese Lucian Grainge told CMU: “As a company that places entrepreneurs at the centre of our business, we are particularly pleased to welcome Glassnote and Resolved to the Universal Music family. [Glassnote founder] Daniel Glass is, quite simply, one of the most successful label entrepreneurs of the last decade. He represents the kind of innovation and creativity that defines who we are and who we aspire to be as an organisation, and we’re looking forward to many years of collaboration and growth together”.

Meanwhile the there eulogised Glass added: “We are honoured and excited to embark on this new journey with Universal. Lucian understood our vision from the start and his embrace of passionate, creative, entrepreneurs makes Universal the perfect home for our companies”.