Universal re-releasing Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant (again)

By | Published on Wednesday 27 June 2012

Sex Pistols

“This is the ‘Pretty Vac√ľnt’ press release. Thank you”. Thus reads a quote from John Lydon regarding a reissue of The Sex Pistols’ 1977 single, ‘Pretty Vacant’. Lydon, as you may remember, wasn’t at all keen to endorse a timely Golden Jubilee reissue of ‘God Save The Queen’, which might explain the economy of his statement this time. Then again, it might not.

‘Pretty Vacant’ is being re-released – since there must always be a reason for such things – on 2 Jul to mark the original edition’s 35th anniversary, and will be available as a limited edition seven-inch picture disc. Universal Music are only pressing 3500 copies; all, any, one or none of which can be purchased here.

‘Pretty Vacant’ will precede a further 35th anniversary Pistols reissue, this being, ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’, the little-known LP from whence it came. As previously reported, Universal will release said classic long player in September.