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Universal sued for $1.25 million over The Vamps logo

By | Published on Thursday 3 August 2017

The Vamps

Universal Music is being sued over its use of the fonts Nanami Rounded and Ebisu Bold to make a logo for pop rock combo The Vamps. The major, it is alleged, didn’t have the right licence to legally use the font software it employed when creating the band’s logo.

The copyright law around typefaces and fonts is rather complex, not least because it often requires understanding the difference between typefaces and fonts. But either way, HypeForType reckons that Universal used its font software to create The Vamps’ logo without the right licence. It’s claimed that a designer working for the major did buy a basic licence to use the software, but the mega major didn’t then purchase the premium licence required for using said software on a commercial scale, like when you design a logo.

According to Torrentfreak, HypeForType’s lawsuit, filed in the US, says: “Plaintiff requires a licence upgrade for use of its typeface font software in commercial, for-profit usage including, inter alia, on goods for sale. Upon information and belief, defendant has used and/or caused others to use unauthorised copies of the font software in the creation of The Vamps goods for sale, including, inter alia, clothing, accessories, DVDs and CDs”.

The font seller is looking for damages in excess of $1.25 million and an injunction ordering the major to stop using its font software without licence and to destroy all Vamps merch that includes the offending logo. Which sounds optimistic. Universal is yet to respond.