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#VoteForMusic asks the music community to identify the big issues

By | Published on Thursday 9 April 2015

Vote For Music

So, four weeks today it’s the General Election in the UK, and five weeks today The Great Escape will be kicking off for the tenth time in Brighton, which both seem like perfect reasons to #VoteForMusic.

Because, you see, music development organisation The Hub has this morning teamed up with the Music Venue Trust and The Great Escape to launch #VoteForMusic, an online campaign encouraging music fans and the music community to discuss what music-related issues they would like to see the next government tackle, whatever form that new government may take.

Musicians, music business people and music fans are all encouraged to post their hot topic to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – with the hashtag – either as simple text, or even better in a photo like the ones already posted at And once a vote has been cast, voters are encouraged to nominate other artists or music people to likewise state which music issue is at the top of their personal agenda.

The Hub’s Julia Payne explains: “#VoteForMusic does what it says on the tin. From today – four weeks from E-Day – right up till the polls close on 7 May, we’re encouraging music fans, musicians and other industry professionals, anyone who cares about music, to cast their vote for the ‘killer’ music industry issue they want the next government to address. #VoteForMusic is apolitical, it’s not about attacking or supporting any one party, we just wanted to encourage political engagement and remind people who love music that it’s good to have a voice”.

The Hub will count up all votes cast and the most voted for issues will be revealed at The Great Escape in Brighton on 15 May, at a keynote session presented by CMU Insights which will also see TGE co-founder Martin Elbourne, Cooking Vinyl’s Martin Goldschmidt, Yellowbrick Music’s Meredith Cork and artist Dan Le Sac each deliver a message to the newly appoint government.

Confirming TGE’s involvement, Great Escape Director Kat Morris says: “This year The Great Escape is putting the spotlight on great new music from the UK. We know that the music industry contributed £3.8 billion to the UK economy last year, and just looking at the new artists playing the festival this year, we know that the future is looking good too”.

She adds: “We need a framework in place to help assure those future successes, and that’s where government can help. With everything about to change in Westminster and Whitehall, now is the perfect time to reach out to the music community, and to music fans, to find out their priorities and concerns. And that’s why we’re backing #VoteForMusic – it gives fans, musicians and others working in music a chance to have their say”.

So, click here for more information from The Hub, and then tweet, Facebook or Instagram your vote with the hashtag #VoteForMusic.

And there’s more information about CMU Insights @ The Great Escape here.