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Warner announces new Vice partnership

By | Published on Wednesday 23 November 2011

Warner Music

Vice Media, the company behind Vice Magazine, has announced a new alliance with Warner Music for its label spin-off Vice Music. The Vice record label previously had a partnership with the major, but went it alone in 2007.

Confirming the new deal with Warner, which will see the major handle distribution, marketing and tour support, Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi admitted that the company had missed having a music major partner to handle all the boring non-creative stuff. Alvi: “We realised that our strengths are with A&R and marketing. Signing, marketing and building artist brands, that’s what we should be focusing on”.

Confirming the new partnership from the Warner side, Todd Moscowitz of Warner Bros Records US told Billboard: “Vice is a fantastic brand that artists want to be associated with. Suroosh and the team have great taste and an incredible marketing vehicle. Our job is to work with them to identify great artists and enhance the marketing opportunities that they have”.

Artists the Vice label has worked with over the years include Chromeo, Justice and Black Lips.