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Warner launches teddy bear record label

By | Published on Wednesday 10 July 2019

Warner Music / Build-A Bear

Warner Music has announced a tie up with US-based cuddly toy seller Build-A-Bear to launch Build-A-Bear Records because, you know, well, erm, now, think about it, for a minute, yeah, maybe, hmmm, yes, have you thought about it yet, erm, but, of course, yeah, hmm, well, now then, I suppose, perhaps, hmmm, no, I haven’t a fucking clue either.

“Launching Build-A-Bear Records is another example of [our] commitment to fun, safe, family-friendly content as we build upon our foundation in the kids and family space”, says Kevin Gore, boss of Warner’s Arts Music division, which is leading on this partnership alongside the mini-major’s music publishing business Warner Chappell.

“[Build-A-Bear] is making some really interesting moves to expand on its wildly successful retail offering”, Gore continues. “We’re excited to partner with them, and our friends at Warner Chappell Music, to bring Build-A-Bear Records to life”.

Build-A-Bear allows you to customise your teddy bears and that includes adding sound chips so that the toy seems to talk or sing. So, there you go, there’s your rationale. “Music has been a part of our beloved retail experience for over a decade, with millions of sound chips added to our furry friends each year”, insists Build-A-Bear boss Sharon Price John.

As for what Build-A-Bear Records will be up to, well, says Warner, it will “release original albums, singles, and playlists – including soundtracks from upcoming films, television shows and digital shorts – as well as sign and develop artists and their releases”.

But which artists? No official word as yet on upcoming Build-A-Bear signings, though a sneaky Warner Music insider has leaked this secret list of the acts that the new label is hoping to sign in the months ahead…

Justin Biebear
Right Said Ted
Bearnaked Ladies
Simply Ted
Ted Seven
Gary Bearlow
Talking Teds
And, of course, Big Ted Sheeran!

And if anyone tells you it took three whole members of the CMU team 30 minutes on Slack to come up with that list of ten mediocre pop ted puns, well, they can… get stuffed.