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Warner Music announces new partnership with Songclip

By | Published on Friday 4 June 2021

Warner Music

Warner Music has signed a global multi-year partnership with Songclip, a music tech company that seeks to make it easier for app makers to include music clips in their products.

Most people agree that the use of music in non-music apps of various different kinds is a big opportunity for the music rights industry, and royalties from such apps will become an increasingly important revenue stream in the next decade.

Video-sharing apps like TikTok and Triller are the most obvious users of music in this way, but they are just one part of the opportunity, with fitness app Peloton often held up as an example of how music can be key part of digital services well beyond more conventional social media.

Although, as Peloton itself knows – it having had a number of run ins with the music publishers at various points – securing music for inclusion in apps can be a major task, given all the famous complexities around music licensing.

With apps where music is a useful add-on – but nevertheless, an add-on rather than a crucial component – those licensing complexities can kill opportunities. Hence the gap in the market for business-to-business providers that can simplify the process.

Songclip founder Andy Blacker says: “Apps want to integrate and innovate with music because it drives average revenue per user, but there is no industry wide solution to make this easy, and compliant. As the world’s foremost searchable library of compliant five to 30 second meta-tagged music clips, our proprietary solution solves these complex problem sets and powers a new economy for the entire music industry”.

Confirming its new partnership with Songclip, Warner Music’s SVP of New Business Ventures, Alex Kamins, adds: “We live in an age in which everyone is a creator and digital identity is fundamental. Partnering with Songclip will allow WMG to dramatically expand its social licensing footprint, allowing users of new apps and platforms to express themselves more creatively and authentically through music”.