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Weekly airplay charts spin off from European Border Breakers Awards

By | Published on Tuesday 12 January 2016

Border Breakers Chart

Organisers of the European Border Breakers Awards, which celebrate new European talent enjoying success in countries other than their own, will this week officially launch the European Border Breakers Charts, which will do the same but on a weekly basis.

An alliance between Eurosonic Noorderslag and the European Broadcasting Union, the new charts will be based on airplay on 48 radio stations operated by EBU-affiliated broadcasters in 32 countries. Radio Monitor will do that tracking, with only emerging artists and tracks under two years old being tracked, and only when they are played in a countries other than the artist’s own.

Got that? No? Really? You should pay more attention. Oh well, don’t worry about the maths. You can just check out the charts – including standalone lists for new entries and songs that are ‘bubbling under’ – each and every New Music Friday (oh yes) at

Actually, there’s already a chart up there from last Friday, but don’t tell anyone. It’ll ruin the official launch at the Eurosonic conference this week, where the annual Border Breakers Awards show also takes place.

Says Eurosonic Creative Director Peter Smidt: “As the hosts of the European Border Breakers Awards, this is a really exciting new tool for us. We all know how difficult it is for new talent to break through. We believe that these charts and the sub charts will help everyone to discover border breaking European talent in an early stage”.

Meanwhile the EBU’s pop chief, Laurent Marceau, added: “The European pop music scene is absolutely buzzing these days and ‘border breakers’ have become something to be reckoned with on the music and media landscapes. The European Border Breakers Charts will be a great tool for professionals and provide great information to music professionals, thereby helping the circulation of emerging and promising acts from all corners of Europe”.