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Weezer sign to Epitaph

By | Published on Thursday 5 August 2010

Weezer have signed a new record deal with Epitaph, after splitting from Geffen last December. They will release a new album, entitled ‘Hurley’, in September.

The news was broken via Twitter, with Epitaph boss Brett Gurewitz posting: “Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott, welcome to Epitaph homies! FT=W=”. FTW being something The Kids write in text messages and online discussion forums, while =W= is the band’s online abbreviation, right? And homies is short for ‘homeboys’, and ‘homeboy’ means ‘a very good friend’. Oh, and Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott are the first names of the members of Weezer. I’m glad we’ve got all this cleared up.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo then tweeted: “Hey, Weezer is happy to announce our signing to Epitaph Records and release of new album ‘Hurley’ on 14 Sep”.

An official statement is expected shortly. Though that’s not to say either of these men were lying.