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Weezer. Will. Not. Stop.

By | Published on Wednesday 3 November 2010

Despite the fact that they are now long past their prime and each new album is like a knife to the heart of all those fans who loved those first two records (well, me anyway), River Cuomo has said he won’t consider stopping until he’s 60. He’s 40 now. And even when he reaches 60 he probably won’t throw in the towel. Rivers Cuomo hates us all.

He told “There’s a cut-off point, maybe 60. Assuming the audience still wants us to do this, I can see myself doing this for another 20 years or so. Then somebody’s got to pull me off the stage. It’s so hard to leave this relationship once you’re in it. Now it’s easy for me to say, ‘I should retire by the time I’m 60’. But when I’m 59, I’ll be thinking, ‘No! I don’t want this to end!'”