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Westlife fans told to stand before the key change

By | Published on Wednesday 29 May 2019


You know how it is, you wait all day for a front row seat at a Westlife concert, then none come along all at once.

Originally advertised as a fully seated event, before show time last night Glasgow’s Hydro arena announced that the floor area at their big Westlife gig would be standing only. And not because the band had stood up during a particularly vigorous key change in the soundcheck and kicked all the chairs away.

According to the venue, the problem was that the seats for the show had not been delivered on time. Which was annoying for anyone hoping to have a nice sit down while the band did their singing – not least those who had paid extra for front row seats.

“Due to transport delays, the seating layout for the Westlife show this evening has been changed. The event was originally fully seated and is now a seated and standing show”, said the venue in a statement. “If you are unable to stand or prefer not to, you will be entitled to a full refund from your original point of purchase. On behalf of the promoter of the event we apologise for any frustration or disappointment this may cause and appreciate your understanding”.

The venue then insisted that Westlife were “very much looking forward to what will be a great night”, despite the lack of chairs. So that’s good. Although the news wasn’t that great for anyone unable to stand, or who had paid an extra hundred quid or so to sit up front. Or both. A lot of people, as a result, weren’t that “understanding”.

On the plus side, the band have three more shows coming up at the venue, from 3-5 Jun. I’ve just checked and there are quite a lot of tickets still available. Hopefully there’ll be seats by then and everything.