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Why? announces new album, Aokohio

By | Published on Friday 14 June 2019

Why? has announced new album ‘Aokohio’, which is set for release in August. The record will be split into six movements, each with an accompanying video.

“When I started this project, I decided I needed to try a new approach in creating music and how I work”, says Yoni Wolf – aka Why? – of the record. “I wasn’t feeling the idea of going back in and making another ten or twelve song album. It felt arduous. It felt like too much. So I wanted to pare the process down and make it manageable”.

“I thought, ‘Why don’t I make small five or six minute movements and finish up each movement before I move on to the next'”, he goes on. “That’s how I started approaching it. The whole process took over five years, I’d start working on something and set it aside for awhile. The earliest songs on this album started in 2013”.

He adds: “I initially wanted to release the music as I progressed through the project. When I finished a movement I wanted to put it up digitally on Bandcamp or SoundCloud. I just wanted to make little pieces of music and put them out there”.

“But I had a call with my manager and the label and they said, ‘We can release stuff through time like that, but we want to do it properly'”, he says. “So the idea of the project changed after that, but it retained the integrity of working in movements. It’s definitely a very different way of working for me. I think it has yielded some interesting results”.

That idea of releasing the movements gradually over a period remains in some form, though. Following the release of the video for the first movement last month, the second now follows, with plans for all the videos to be made available in turn before the album’s release on 9 Aug.

Watch ‘I’ve Been Carving My Elbows, I Might Just Take Flight’ here: