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Wide Days reveals more about its online convention

By | Published on Monday 6 July 2020

More details about this year’s Wide Days music convention have been announced, including the two sessions being presented by CMU Insights this year.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 shutdown, Wide Days 2020 will be happening online from 23-25 Jul. There will be a packed programme of panels, though the social and networking elements of the event will also still take place, even though the whole thing is happening virtually.

Organisers have announced a partnership with a new digital event platform launched by Catalan company Meetmaps which will help with that process. “Guests will be able to pre-book one-to-one meetings, hang out in themed social rooms, take part in international match-making sessions and participate in roundtables hosted by event partners”, they say.

Wide Days founder Olaf Furniss adds: “Over the past three months we have hosted a series of online seminars and social evenings, as well as taking part in many other online events, and right across the music industry spectrum there is a strong desire to connect and learn. At Wide Days we also want our guests to be entertained and have fun, so we will aim to translate everything we do in the physical space to the virtual environment – including the tour and whisky tasting”.

Panels-wise, many of the sessions planned pre-COVID that would have taken place back in April had Wide Days been able to go ahead as normal will feature, alongside a number of conversations specifically focused on how the music industry has been adapting in the wake of shutdown.

CMU will present two in-depth sessions, each in two parts. The first will put the spotlight on music data, both the rights data artists, songwriters, labels and publishers have to put into the system to get credited and paid when their music is played, and the fan data that bounces back, allowing artists and their business partners to better plan and target marketing, and to enhance and monetise the direct-to-fan relationship.

The second will be all about video content, from the classic pop promo to all the other videos now required for a music marketing campaign. Experts will discuss the different kinds of videos now required, how to go about creating that content on super tight budgets, and how the various video platforms fit into the mix. You’ll find more information about both the CMU sessions here.

On all that, CMU’s Chris Cooke says: “It’s great to be able to team up with Wide Days once again. The big up side of everything shifting online is that people from all over the world will be able to join the conversation. COVID-19, of course, poses lots of challenges for the music community, with lots of things in flux. But we know for certain that, whatever happens, getting data and video content right is now absolutely vital for running a successful artist business. And those are the topics CMU will be exploring at Wide Days this year”.

Alongside all the panels, there’ll also be some great new music, including 20 minute online sets from six great new Scottish artists, including Billy Got Waves x Joell, Kapil Seshasayee, Magpie Blue, Memes, One Nine and Swim School.

More details about all the panels, music and other delights are at, where you can also grab tickets at just £30.