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Wild Beasts making new LP

By | Published on Tuesday 23 October 2012

Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts songwriter Hayden Thorpe has given a half-musical, half-political interview to The New Statesman, sharing – amongst other things – various vague details of the band’s fourth studio LP. Apparently the band are about a fortnight into making it, so that’s nice.

And so, to a quote. Asked to characterise the LP as it sounds at the moment, Thorpe replied: “We always try to write in terms of how we feel. It’s always a feel thing and never a conscious thing, and the beauty of not knowing is the main draw. The DNA of what we do will always remain the same, kind of unavoidably. [But] I don’t know what kind of creature it’ll be really. And I don’t want to know to be honest”.

He added: “That’s what the four of us get together for – that not knowing. I feel quite lucky that I can rely on that and take for granted that when the four of us get together in a room and play it’s going to sound like us and not like anyone else. We’ve always prided ourselves on our difference rather than our compatibility”.

You can read Thorpe’s views on this and other topics – not least Ed Miliband, feminism and BBC 6music – via the full New Statesman transcript here.