Wiley gifts free Christmas track

By | Published on Friday 16 December 2011


Wiley wasn’t placed fifth in our Artists Of The Year list for nothing, you know. The ever-industrious grime MC has written a track about the many joys of a family Christmas (well, sort of), and has released it as a free download. A realist reflection on savouring what’s best about the festive season, ‘Cheer Up, It’s Christmas’ features such lyrical nuggets as this: “Snap out of this, do it for the kids/The best food plus Chinese ribs/Chocolate gateaux/I don’t eat raisin cake, it’s all hassle”.

Speaking to The Guardian, which premiered the song, Wiley says: “[It] is basically my uncle or someone trying to cheer me up at Christmas time, when I might be moping about because I didn’t get my own way. But really, since I’ve been doing music and started earning money, every day has been like Christmas, so that’s why I’m addressing that situation to try and let them know to just cheer up”.

Read, amongst other things, about Wiley’s preferred tipple and thoughts on this year’s ‘X-Factor’, in the full Guardian interview here.

You can stream and download ‘Cheer Up, It’s Christmas’, which apparently is track 18 of 22 featuring on his forthcoming album ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’, here: