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Wiley to publish autobiography in November

By | Published on Friday 20 May 2016


Wiley is set to publish his autobiography on 3 Nov. Write that date in your diary.

“In this his first official autobiography he will give fans unprecedented insight into his life and the birth of the music scene that transformed London urban culture”, says the book’s blurb. Which is the sort of thing blurbs usually say.

Posting a picture of the contract with Hodder & Stoughton for the book, Wiley’s manager John Woolf said on Instagram: “Very happy to have closed this deal today. For the past nine years I have worked alongside Wiley. The word ‘genius’ gets thrown around a lot but Wiley truly is one”.

“Together we have sold millions of records and toured every inch of the globe. I’m grateful to have played a small role in such an amazing story. Also been through every emotion and crazy experience possible. I’m excited for everyone to read and see the story of this true musical icon I’m proud to call my client and friend”.

As well as this, Wiley also has a new album ‘Godfather’ in September, plus a film based on his life is apparently in the works.