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Will Cowell have to testify in Cole’s X-USA litigation?

By | Published on Tuesday 26 March 2013

Cheryl Cole

Simon Cowell could be forced to testify in a legal battle between Cheryl Cole and US TV production company Blue Orbit over the Girl Aloud’s short-lived involvement in the American version of ‘X-Factor’.

As previously reported, in 2011 Cole followed Simon Cowell from the UK version of ‘X’ to sit on the judging panel of the American version of the talent franchise, but was axed before ‘X USA’ had even begun airing, reportedly because US producers had concerns about the Geordie’s accent.

Late last year it emerged that Cole was suing Blue Orbit, the main production company behind the US version of the Syco-owned franchise, claiming that she was owed $2.3 million relating to her short time working on the show.

Much of the owed money seemingly stems from an alleged contractual promise to pay Cole a $2 million fee for the second series of the ‘X-USA’ show even if she didn’t appear on it. Blue Orbit seemingly reckons that doesn’t apply because the singer didn’t even appear on the first series of the programme. Some unpaid expenses are also included in the lawsuit.

It remains to be seen if the case actually comes to court. You’d expect a last minute settlement here, though both sides currently seem adamant that their interpretation of the agreement between the TV company and Cole is the correct one.

And, says Metro, if the case does go to court, ‘X’ chief Cowell is at the top of Blue Orbit’s list of witness to testify against Cole. Which would probably be a damn site more interesting than any of the Syco chief’s TV shows.

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