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Album Review: Wintersleep – New Inheritors (147 Records)

By | Published on Thursday 12 August 2010


I like Canada quite a lot. It’s the land of maple syrup, broomball and indie that generally isn’t tedious or unremarkable. Must be all of the mapley air.

Canada is also the home of Wintersleep, a melodic, stringsy collective of five, who have been around for almost a decade now. ‘New Inheritors’ is the band’s fourth full-length release, and is a harmless, pleasant little record that, while admittedly less exciting than it probably should be, is an easy listen and should please fans and new listeners alike.

With nods to the likes of Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene, ‘New Inheritors’ is quietly clever. The catchy ‘Tracey Decay’ and beautiful, string-rich ‘Experience The Jewel’ are definite standouts, but it’s the hazy vocal-less tones of the almost Codes In The Clouds-esque ‘Echolocation’ that really draws interest, a melancholic song for the spaces between seasons, and a direction Wintersleep should flourish in if embraced fully. TW

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