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Woodstock gets stamp of approval

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019

Woodstock stamp

The official Woodstock 50th anniversary festival may not be happening. But will there be stamps? Yes, there will. There will be stamps.

The US Postal Service has launched a whole new stamp to mark the milestone anniversary for the iconic music festival. And in an apparently unchaotic manner too, which isn’t really in-keeping with the original event at all. Or those plans for a 50th anniversary festival.

The stamp, based on the original poster design, reads, “1969 Woodstock three days of peace and love forever USA”. Which almost makes sense. It’s part of an ongoing series of stamps in America commemorating things that happened in the 1960s.

“Woodstock was the most famous rock festival in history”, says USPS’s Kevin McAdams, justifying Woodstock’s appearance in the series. “The Postal Service commemorates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock by issuing a festive Forever stamp as we continue to remember the significant events of the 60s”.

What is a Forever stamp, you ask? Well, it means whether you use it today or in 50 years time, it will always be treated as having a value equivalent to the current first class postage price. So now I’m not sure if we are meant to interpret the stamp’s message as them wanting the legacy of Woodstock to live forever, or just the postal system.

Michael Lang, who attended a ceremony to unveil the stamps with his Woodstock co-creator Joel Rosenman, thanked the USPS for “helping to deliver peace, love and music”. He made no mention of credit card bills and junk mail.

Roseman added: “It’s an honour and an inspiration to be commemorated by the Postal Service. The USPS Woodstock Forever Stamp is an official acknowledgment of something we have felt for 50 years: Woodstock is forever”.

But is it Woodstock forever or the postal system? Will someone please write me a letter to let us know.