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Years & Years’ Emre Türkmen revives Exit Kid project

By | Published on Thursday 26 September 2019

Exit Kid

Years & Years’ Emre Türkmen has revived his Exit Kid project with the band’s former touring drummer Dylan Bell. The duo have released new single, ‘You Got All The World’, featuring vocals from Türkmen’s wife Jasmine.

The new track, which heads in a more poppy direction than previous releases, is, they say, “a song about allowing yourself to be swept up in life and love, right here right now”.

Directed by Joe Baughman, the video features a digital Emre and claymation Dylan and Jasmine. The director explains: “The video is a lighthearted exploration of how miraculous it truly is for two people, out of all the possible people in all the possible universes, to join together in love”.

Watch the video here: