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Years & Years make up pretend cryptocurrency to promote new album

By | Published on Tuesday 22 May 2018

Years & Years

Years & Years have launched their own cryptocurrency as part of the marketing campaign for their new album ‘Palo Santo’. While it’s really little more than a website promoting the band’s music, it’s still captured the ethos of actual cryptocurrencies by being basically useless.

The sci-fi themed album is set in a genderless future in which YearCoin is a currency. “Humans are a rare commodity in the android community of Palo Santo”, the website for the currency informs visitors. “There is a small human rebellion being coordinated through illegal encrypted online communications [which] is funded by the cryptocurrency, YearCoin”.

You can mine YearCoins by doing stuff like spending actual money pre-ordering the album, pre-saving it on Spotify, or watching videos for its singles. Once you’ve mined over 1000 coins, you can buy an ID card. Yes! You can also hand over credits in order to create coded messages. What fun!

Spending time doing all this is approximately as worthwhile as it was you reading this article. But you did that, didn’t you? So what are you waiting for, get mining those YearCoins now!