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You Me At Six release song in aid of Australian wildfire relief effort

By | Published on Thursday 13 February 2020

You Me At Six

You Me At Six have released new single, ‘Our House (The Mess We Made)’, with proceeds going to Australian wildlife charity WIRES.

The song, say the band, was inspired by the increasingly apparent effects of climate change – not least the particularly extreme wildfires we’ve recently seen in Australia – and their concerns about the future of the planet in the absence of any imminent dramatic action.

Frontman Josh Franceschi explains: “In March 2019 we were coming back from a North American tour. I was sat talking to a geologist who was returning from a summit in Atlanta, where it was confirmed that by 2050 large parts of heavily human populated areas would be uninhabitable”.

“He said something to me that has seemingly stuck with me: ‘I’ll be long gone by then, but perhaps you, your children and grandchildren will have to live the devastation left for them by previous generations'”, Franceschi adds. “My interpretation of this is that we are all part of the problem if we aren’t actively trying to do something to contribute to the issue of climate change”.

“We finished the song whilst recording in Thailand in October 2019”, he goes on. “We were inspired to address the issue of climate change, but equally by the hope that the youth have given me. Never in my life have I seen a younger generation take to the streets to have their voices heard than on this subject. They want change, they want their futures back because our house is on fire, and we must act now”.

You might question the logic of travelling thousands of miles to record a song about climate change but shush, we’ve discussed that before, let’s just let the man speak: “Seeing footage of what has been happening in Australia, we felt compelled to do something to help those who are in need, both humans and wildlife. It’s for that reason we are using the most powerful tool at our disposal to help, music”.

“We are releasing this track as a standalone single with all proceeds donated to the charity WIRES, who are committed to rescuing native Australian wildlife in distress”, he concludes. “Our hearts go out to a country that means so much to us”.

And so, here is ‘Our House (The Mess We Made)’.