Apr 30, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Canty

Set to release his new EP ‘hahahahahahahahahahahahaha’ next month, Canty has put out the first track from it, ‘hahaha’. As neither name suggests, the song is a downbeat ode to accepting your fate but hoping it will be a good one

Approved: Canty
Photo credit: Lara Laeverenz

Following on from last year’s ‘Boyfriend / Girlfriend’ EP, Canty will put out four track collection ‘hahahahahahahahahahahahaha’ next month. The first track from it is new single ‘hahaha’.

Despite the outward signs that this could all be a dizzying barrage of enthusiasm, the new song is far more downbeat than its own or the EP’s titles suggest. It also features the most forlorn ‘woohoos’ you’re likely to hear any time soon. But somehow that makes it more endearing. 

It's not actually a depressing listen, with glimmers of hope bringing warmth. Both ‘hahaha’ and the EP’s final track ‘blah blah blah’ are inspired by the Filipino phrase “Bahala Na”, or “the combination of fatalism and determination in the face of uncertainty and the possibility of failure”. 

‘Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha’ is set for release on 24 May. 

🎧 You can watch the video for ‘hahaha’ below

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