Sep 13, 2022 1 min read

Approved: Dilettante

Approved: Dilettante

Having previously released music under her own name and performed as a member of other projects – most recently BC Camplight – Francesca Pidgeon is now preparing to release her debut album as Dilettante next month.

A boldly honest record, the album – ‘Tantrum’ – explores life as a young woman, both in general and as part of the music industry. Part of her manifesto is explained on recent single ‘Mouth Shut’, which sees her question whether she should embark on this project at all.

“It’s loosely about finding a video of Annie Clark [aka St Vincent] back when she was in The Polyphonic Spree and then wondering how she can be such a force but somehow blend into another project so seamlessly”, she says of the song. “I think women tend to be better at that anonymity when it’s called for, but it did make me question whether I’d be better staying a supporting member of other people’s projects”.

Thankfully she chose to push forward with Dilettante and her musically ambitious album. Her vocals often play at the intersection of rhythm and melody, while her guitar and brass arrangements feel like someone pushing themselves to fully test their abilities.

Then there are songs that maintain a simplicity, allowing space for classic feeling melodies to come to the fore. It’s a great body of work, and feels like the output of someone who has a great deal more to offer in the future.

‘Tantrum’ is out on 14 Oct. Out now is new single ‘Surrogate Lover’. Listen to that here:

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