May 2, 2024 1 min read

Approved: DVTR

Set to play their first ever UK show at Wide Days in Edinburgh tonight, French-Canadian punk duo DVTR make music that packs a real punch. "Y’all people are crazy on the streets, so we expect you to be crazy in the clubs”, they say of their expectations of the audience

Approved: DVTR
Photo credit: Ariana Molly

French-Canadian punk duo DVTR have the ability to bulldoze all language barriers, with the type of music that fuels rebellion. 

Their latest single ‘Les Flics (Sont Des Sacs À Merde)’, translating in English to ‘The Cops (Are Shitbags)’, is raw and raucous. Anchored by a gritty and relentless bassline, their ACAB message punches through.

Having already been shaking up the Canadian punk scene, they’re set and excited to do the same in the UK. "Of course we’re super excited to play in the UK, our first show here", they exclaim. "Y’all people are crazy on the streets, so we expect you to be crazy in the clubs. Love is supreme”.

🎧 Check out the video for ‘Les Flics (Sont Des Sacs À Merde)’ below

👉 If you’re at Wide Days, make sure to catch DVTR’s debut in the UK at Bongo Club, Edinburgh, tonight from 20:30-21:00

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