Nov 3, 2022 1 min read

Approved: Emmeline

Approved: Emmeline

Originally starting out as a spoken word artist, performing at poetry nights, Emmeline came to feel that she was actually performing lyrics that had no music.

A chance meeting with in-demand producer Fraser T Smith led to her asking for some feedback on her a capella demoes. She sent him her track ‘Frank’, to which he responded by placing a beat underneath it. That track became the first single from her debut EP, ‘Satellite Navigation System’, which was released last week on Smith’s own 70Hz Recordings label.

Speaking about that EP, she says: “I became invested in the metaphor that when you’re navigating a time in life where you’re discovering who you are and where you are supposed to be, that your own satellite navigation system will pull you in the right direction. The things orbiting around me like my family, my friends, my love of art, film, music, those stay constant and keep me tethered at the core as I’m figuring out this time of life”.

The next single from the EP, ‘Girls Write Rhymes’ – the video for which also arrived last week – sees her delivering lyrics calling on other female rappers to push themselves harder over a heavy bassline and 808 beats. Watch the video here:

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