Jun 20, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Famous

Set to release new LP ‘Party Album’ in October, Famous are back with new double A-side single ‘God Hold You/It Goes On Forever’. It showcases two very different sides of the band’s sound, both linked by their masterful control of chaotic elements to create something truly exciting

Approved: Famous
Photo credit: Jack Lovekin

I had a whole cliched music journo intro worked out for this article. It was all like, “Ha! Imagine calling your band Famous! Good luck trying to Google that, suckers!” Then I googled ‘famous band’ and almost all the top links were about them. So now I’m just left with this fairly boring story about some admin I did.

Without a fun hook to start off with, and to ease both me and you into this introduction to Famous, I guess the only thing I’m left with is to talk about their music. But that leaves me with another dilemma. Where exactly do I start? Because, you see, their new double A-side single doesn’t provide me with an easy route into talking about their sound. Why, Lord? Why is nothing easy?

Right, so, it kicks off with ‘God Hold You’, a post hardcore track with a guitar part that sounds like a dentist drill slowly wearing away a hole in your skull. In the best possible way. Frontman (the band’s only consistent member) Jack Merrett delivers low, nonchalant vocals that occasionally fall into the void of noise swirling around him. Despite this, it never feels like they are in anything but complete control of the chaotic elements they are invoking. 

Next comes ‘It Goes On Forever’, a hypnotic folk song, showing off an entirely gentler side. Chaos still hints at its presence, but if there’s anything consistent about this two-track release, it’s that the exact right amount is being allowed out. If anything, ‘It Goes On Forever’ is the tamed version of ‘God Hold You’. 

Both tracks are taken from the band’s new album ‘Party Album’, which is set for release on 11 Oct. “What's funny is we had this idea of making this very authentic rock record”, says Merrett of the LP. “We were constantly talking about how we wanted to make a classic rock record. A stadium-ready classic rock record. But yeah, it just became different over time”.

🎧 Listen to ‘God Hold You’ and ‘It Goes On Forever’ below

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