May 1, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Grayling

With a showcase performance lined up at Wide Days in Edinburgh tonight, Grayling is also preparing for the release of their latest EP later this month. From her beginnings as a busker at Loch Lomond, Grayling has become a respected figure on the Scottish music scene

Approved: Grayling

Glasgow’s Grayling, hailed as one of Vic Galloway’s ‘Ones to Watch,’ enchants with ethereal folk melodies imbued with Americana. Since her days as a Loch Lomond busker, Grayling has flourished into a respected figure in Scotland’s music scene.

In their latest release, ‘I’ll See You’, Grayling enchants listeners with wispy, honeyed vocals, exploring the poignant emotions of yearning for a past love within a new encounter. This track comes from her upcoming EP ‘Cardinal Fire’, set for release on 31 May.

Finding peace and clarity in the catharsis of writing, Grayling reflects on the past year creating ‘Cardinal Fire’, “We all hold fond memories of that sun-kissed week by the sea”. 

🎧 Listen to ‘I’ll See You’ below

👉 If you’re at Wide Days, make sure to catch her showcase at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, tonight from 21:00-21:20

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