Mar 12, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Karin Ann

Karin Ann is back with new single ‘She’ as she gears up for the release of a new album later this year. The track sees her working with Joan As Police Woman producer Benjamin Lazar Davies

Approved: Karin Ann
Credit: Cameron Lindfors

At just 21, Slovakian musician Karin Ann already has an impressive body of work behind her, and as she gears up for the release of her latest album later this year, she looks set to bring that to a wider audience. Working with producer Benjamin Lazar Davies, her new single ‘She’ is an expertly crafted alt-pop song, with instantly catchy hooks and a depth that reveals new layers the more you hear it. 

"I don't dive deep into the details of my songs; I enjoy letting people discover their own meanings and relate them to their own lives”, she says of the new track. “My struggle with insomnia often leads me to write during sleepless nights. One night, browsing through my phone notes, I stumbled upon a sentence that sparked inspiration”.

“Most of my songs lean towards the sad or melancholic, but this particular lyric was different”, she goes on. “I find it challenging to write happy songs, so it felt like creating [the] character [in the song] allowed me the freedom to explore new territories with ‘She’".

If you’re at SXSW, you can catch Karin Ann tonight at Shangri-La or The Iron Bear on 16 Mar. She will also be playing The Great Escape in May.

🎧 Listen to ‘She’ below.

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