Jul 20, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Knife Girl

Approved: Knife Girl

Still only 22, Lili Also has nonetheless been releasing music under various monikers for the last decade. Currently working under the name Knife Girl, she returns this week with her first new track since last year’s ‘Uniform’ album, a track called ‘Estrogen’.

An aggressively positive piece of left-field dance-pop, she says of the track: “‘Estrogen’ is an expression of gender euphoria, and a celebration of my life and friends”.

“When I wrote the lyrics, ‘I love my tits, I love my dick’, I had to stop for a moment to think if it was too provocative to say”, she adds. “But I realised: Why should it be provocative to anyone that I love my body? The lyrics keep looping over and over, an affirmation to myself. This is what me loving myself sounds like”.

Currently touring her native Finland, stay tuned for more from Knife Girl. Listen to ‘Estrogen’ here:

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