Mar 16, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Legss

Approved: Legss

Legss return with their first new music since 2021, with sprawling, drama-filled single ‘The Landlord’, which mixes art-rock and the more abrasive end of late 90s Deep Elm Records emo.

Discordant guitar lines and wired drum patterns flow underneath frontman Ned Green’s angst ridden vocals. His lyrics grapple with creative idealism and the desire to make something that will leave a mark on the world.

“It’s a product of privilege to presume you’re owed some sort of legacy”, says Green. “The balancing act of careerism and creativity leads you to this realisation, and that whatever you’re trying to achieve creatively is probably not going to have the lasting legacy you imagined for it”.

“The structure of the song is representative of this, and that sense of fading idealism”, he goes on. “I imagine it could be a maddening song to listen to, in that it offers up elements of potential song structures that could be quite enjoyable if isolated and extended. But this is how it feels: unsettled, fluid, scatty, disquieting”.

“Landlords seem to be emblematic of this internal power struggle for ownership over your own life and creations”, he concludes. “It’s also the name of a drink we all like, which is a good antidote to these sorts of realisations”.

You can catch the band live when they headline The Lexington in London on 19 May. Listen to ‘Landlord’ here:

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