Nov 7, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Mali Hâf

Mali Hâf has just released her new EP ‘Jig-so’, which blends Welsh-language folk storytelling with modern pop production

Approved: Mali Hâf

Returning with ‘Jig-so’ - her first EP in a year - Mali Hâf also brings with her a marked change in musical direction. Adopting a fully electronic sound, she also delivers all five songs on the record entirely in Welsh, having previously switched out the language for English on some tracks. The move gives her new focus and finds her songwriting sharpened.

Taking influence from folk and at times inspired by rural Wales, Hâf’s aim was nonetheless to create something sounding utterly modern. And in that, she has succeeded, delivering an enthralling pop record that blends dark and light to build tension and release.

Latest single ‘Boudicca’ is inspired by the story of the Celtic warrior-queen, with chords selected to conjure the moody British winter landscapes through which she would have ridden her horse and chariot. Lyrically, meanwhile, Hâf’s perspective is that, according to a press release, “although ultimately defeated, Boudicca’s story is about standing up to power and injustice”.

‘Jig-so’ is out now. Watch the video for ‘Boudicca’ below.

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