Sep 19, 2023 1 min read

Approved: Montañera

Listen to Montañera’s beautiful new single ‘Un Día Voy A Ser Mariposa’, taken from upcoming album 'A Flor De Piel'

Approved: Montañera

Montañera - the stage name of María Mónica Gutiérrez - has just announced that she will release her new album 'A Flor De Piel' on 17 Nov. Out now is the first single from it, ‘Un Día Voy A Ser Mariposa’.

"It's a song that talks about the changes within me after a separation”, she says of the single, the title of which translates as ‘One Day I'll Be A Butterfly’.

“How painful, but also how transformative - becoming a butterfly - how new branches grew in me and sprouted flowers that I give to you. How painful it can be to be born, nonetheless, there is a light that guides me, that awaits me, that burns me, and blinds me. It's a song about being reborn”.

The wider album was initially inspired by a move to London from Bogota in Colombia, which sparked thoughts of metamorphosis.

“The album has accompanied me through inner journeys of finding myself in a new territory of redefining myself, of remembering who I am in a strange place”, she says.

'A Flor de Piel' is out on 17 Nov.

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