Apr 11, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Rats-Tails

Dream-pop quartet Rats-Tails return with their first single of 2024 ‘Flowers’. The follow-up to last year’s ‘Coke In The 70s’, the song embraces self-discovery and embracing change following the end of a relationship

Approved: Rats-Tails
Photo credit: Brennan Bucannan

South East London quartet Rats-Tails’ sound is irresistibly immersive, with richly textured compositions and ethereal vocals. 

Their latest single ‘Flowers’ segues seamlessly between psychedelic-folk, dream-pop and scratchy indie-disco. Guided by Courtney McMahon's vocals, ‘Flowers’ blossoms with a narrative of redemption and coming-of-age, encapsulating the journey of self-discovery and embracing change.

As described by McMahon herself, she says, “‘You’ll never know all of the flowers’ verbatim was my response to a long term ex-partner admitting he loved the ‘idea’ of me, rather than actual me. After processing the end of this relationship and the weight of his misogyny, I began a journey of discovering what I wish to do in life. ‘Flowers’ is about embracing your personal metamorphosis: the ugly and beautiful parts of you and your history. The sound of the track reflects that metamorphosis”.

The band will be headlining a launch party for the new single at The George Tavern in London on 20 Apr.

🎧 Watch the video for 'Flowers' below

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