Apr 23, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Sasha Keable

Sasha Keable has released her first single in three years ‘Hold Up,' a soul-stirring R&B anthem, signaling her triumphant resurgence

Approved: Sasha Keable
Photo credit: Jeff Hahn

British Colombian Sasha Keable is not to be played with. After a three year hiatus, her latest single ‘Hold Up’ emerges as a searing R&B track, showcasing Sasha’s vocal prowess and cut throat lyricism.

Unapologetically emotional and forthright, like the greatest soul singers, the South London artist infuses real-life pain and joy into her music, with ‘Hold Up’ speaking volumes.

In her own words Sasha explains the origins of her new creation: “The new music came from a place of feeling powerless in everything else in life, the only place I felt safe and like I had control over the outcome was in the studio, so I just lived in there, I lived my life, and wrote songs about it everyday”. 

“I’ve found the joy in creating and a safe space within music I’ve never had before”, she adds. “It’s always felt so all or nothing and now I realise I’m just here to do what is best for me, to express myself through myself. I can’t do anymore than that”. 

Back and better than ever, Sasha Keable is on the path to an illustrious career.

🎧 Listen to ‘Hold Up’ below

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