Apr 18, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Shiv

Providing the first taste of her upcoming album ‘The Defiance Of A Sad Girl’, Shiv releases new single ‘Limerance’. With dulcet yet resolute vocals intertwined with R&B melodies, Shiv unfurls the layers of emotion that make up an unrequited crush

Approved: Shiv

Irish singer-songwriter Shiv has dropped her latest single, ‘Limerence’, marking her debut track from the upcoming album 'The Defiance Of A Sad Girl', slated for 4 Jul. Produced during a writing trip at her parents’ home in Uganda, 'Limerence' embodies Shiv's bold re-entry into independence after parting ways with Warner Music.

With dulcet yet resolute vocals intertwined with R&B melodies, 'Limerence' delves deep into the complexities of unrequited crushes, masterfully capturing the intricate dance of yearning and acquiescence.

“I have the tendency to run away with myself and my feelings”, she shares. “Sometimes the delusion wins, and I write entire stories in my mind, becoming borderline annoyed with the other party for not carrying their weight in the fictitious relationship I’ve created in my mind”.

As Shiv embraces her newfound independence, 'Limerence' lays the groundwork for 'The Defiance Of A Sad Girl’ to be brimming with soul.

🎧 Listen to ‘Limerence’ below

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