Spain is taking centre stage as this year’s lead country partner at The Great Escape. Spearheaded by The Spanish Wave, a programme of events will comprise two artist showcases and panels focusing on the Spanish music industry. There will also be parties and industry receptions sponsored by official Spanish partners.

“Spain is showing it is a strong and important industry and scene, and the Spanish Wave is showcasing the most fresh, young, exciting talent and future export acts”, says Head of The Spanish Wave, César Andión. “We have always been an exporting country, but now it is coming in waves year after year with new acts being discovered worldwide and I hope The Spanish Wave has lots to do with that since we always try to bring young and cool acts overseas”.

“We are a super diverse country in culture, languages, landscapes, backgrounds and we always try to have the largest and most diverse line ups from all over the country, diversity in genres, languages, styles, but always quality and export first and male/female balance”, he adds.

Turning to the acts playing the Spanish showcases, he goes on, “At The Great Escape we are presenting Mavica from Murcia, Sila Lua from Galicia, Mujeres from Catalonia, Depresion Sonora from Madrid, Divorce From New York from San Sebastian and others that are mixed international like The Gulps with Spanish, British, Italian members, LaLa Hayden who is English-Catalan and Ona Mafalda who is Bulgarian, Spanish, English. Hope all pros and fans that discover them in this edition will be surfing the Spanish Wave from now on”.

“It’s very exciting to think there is a great wave of young people creating with no genre barriers, urban electronica meets rootsy flamenco meets pop and also post punk meets disco, and we just want the world to discover and enjoy this new breed”.

“We have been working with TGE for years bringing our Showcase & Fiesta and it was about time we were lead country at one of the most important showcase festivals and conferences around the world”, he concludes. “Because it's the place to discover new music and future stars with a big and important attendance of professional  delegates, agents, festival bookers, labels, media and great fans. So being lead country is super important for us, it's a huge opportunity and we are delighted to be on the spotlight in 2024 as Spain is on its hottest moments regarding new acts coming through”.

As Andión says, nine emerging artists are set to grace TGE this week as part of The Spanish Wave lineup, showcasing the crème de la crème of upcoming Spanish talent, with a majority female line-up. Check them all out here…

Depresión Sonora

Depresión Sonora, steeped in post-punk nostalgia, delves into the modern anxieties of today's youth. With his delivery of nihilistic lyrics set against a backdrop of fuzzy guitars and thick basslines, he captures the emotional terrain of a generation grappling with digital dominance and economic uncertainty. 

🎧 Watch the video for Depresión Sonora’s latest track ‘Nada Importa’ (‘Nothing Matters’) below

Divorce From New York 

Known for his work as one half of San Sebastian-based production duo Reykjavik606, Alvaro Granda Ferrer aka Divorce From New York has a rich sound of summer tinged percussive house and bruk (broken beats).

🎧 Listen to Divorce From New York’s standout track ‘I Haven't Recovered From Last Night With You’ below

Eva Ruiz

Canarian artist Eva Ruiz has seamlessly woven together Afrobeat and soul influences to create an R&B sound that envelops like warm honey. Eva’s recent collaboration with contemporary American R&B star Arin Ray on the track ‘Impossible Love’ signifies her rise toward international R&B acclaim. 

🎧 Watch the video for ‘Impossible Love (feat Arin Ray)’ below

LaLa Hayden

Laura 'LaLa' Hayden has gained notoriety within the music industry for a number of years fronting indie outfit, Anteros. Her solo project draws inspiration from the likes of Ladyhawke and Blondie, and LaLa's dynamic pop sound exudes empowerment, strength, and introspection. 

🎧 Listen to Lala Hayden’s latest track ‘Birthday’ below


Mavica is the brainchild of London-based artist Marta Casanova. Originally from Cartagena, Spain, her sound is delicately folky with the shimmering synths and soft melodies of pop; a beautiful listen with tracks spanning both English and Spanish.

🎧 Watch the video for ‘no puedo decir que no (no regrets)’ below


Barcelona-based Mujeres deliver rock n roll, melodic pop and romantic anthems at breakneck speeds of over 200bpm. The band composed of Yago, Pol, and Arnau, exude a nostalgic warmth within their brotherhood, that is reflected in their sound.

🎧 Watch the video for Mujeres standout track ‘Rock y Amistad’ ‘(Rock and Friendship)’ below

Ona Mafalda

London-born with Spanish and Bulgarian roots, Ona Mafalda is best described as dark pop. Moody yet danceable, Ona Mafalda's music has a captivating aura.

🎧 Watch the video for Ona Mafalda's standout track ‘Calor’ below

Sila Lua

Originally from Galicia but now proudly based in Madrid, Sila Lua's musical expedition began during her studies in music production in London. Infusing her Spanish heritage with inspirations gathered during her time in the UK, Sila Lua has created a unique and revitalising sound, effortlessly intertwining pulsating rhythms with the graceful cadence of Latin vocals.

🎧 Watch the video for 'Equilibrio' below

The Gulps

With an irrepressible energy reminiscent of Fat White Family coupled with a European punk attitude, The Gulps have a raucous, live-ready energy. 

🎧 Watch the video for 'Candy’ below

Spanish Wave Showcase Schedule 👇

22:15 : MAVICA
21:15 : SILA LUA
20:15 : EVA RUIZ

FRIDAY 17th May @ Horatio’s
14:30: THE GULPS
12:30: MUJERES

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