Jun 25, 2024 1 min read

Approved: SuperJazzClub

SuperJazzClub meld a range of sounds from contemporary Ghanaian music to early 2000s R&B. Out now is their latest single ‘UNO’, a collaboration with producer BenjiFlow, which they say is “inspired by the things we love to talk about like life, God, relationships and money”

Approved: SuperJazzClub

SuperJazzClub, a pioneering Ghanaian collective, have crafted an infectious sound that feels both instinctive and innovative. Their contemporary West African music unites a breadth of influences and vocalists, creating song structures that effortlessly bridge niche sounds and conventionally mainstream tonalities.

Self-described as a “fusion project”, their latest EP ‘Monochrome Radio’ melds the sounds of early 2000s R&B with Ghanaian hiplife and homegrown local hip hop from their native Accra. 

The EP’s third single ‘UNO’, featuring British artist-producer BenjiFlow, is a synthesis of black diasporic synergies, with Benji’s Jamaican heritage seamlessly blending with SuperJazzClub’s Ghanaian flair to simulate the vibe and ambience of an underground basement party.

Speaking on the collaborative process of ‘UNO’, they say, “It was a beautiful and seamless moment working with Benji. [Group co-founder] Øbed pulled out a pack of beats at the session and that beat happened to be the last one we played and he instantly connected with it. The energy in the studio was full blast from then on. It’s a song inspired by the things we love to talk about like life, God, relationships and money”.

🎧 Listen to ‘UNO’ featuring BenjiFlow below

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