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Adele is at least thinking about headlining Glastonbury

By | Published on Thursday 26 November 2015


Adele is going to headline Glastonbury next year. Well, maybe. She’s at least talking to the festival about it. Though she might want to hurry up and make a decision – as we (don’t really) know, Rihanna has definitely already snapped up the Saturday night slot.

Glastonbury booker Martin Elbourne discussed the festival’s latest negotiations with Adele while speaking at the M For Montreal conference last week.

“There’s lots of talk about Adele and it’s in there in the mix”, Elbourne said, according to Loaded. “Adele is in a situation in her career where, frankly, she can do whatever the hell she likes. Hopefully it will happen [but] it still needs to be confirmed. She’s not into festivals but obviously, every promoter in the world wants to get her, so fingers crossed, we are hoping it’s going to happen”.

As he said, Adele’s really not that into festivals, and she has previously talked down the likelihood of her playing any of the big events, including even Glastonbury. Just last month, she told Capital FM: “I think I have made myself pretty clear on Glastonbury. The crowds are too big – I don’t know if I could do it”.

Elbourne admitted that big name artists can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to pin down, even for Glasto. “We were trying to get Prince for the last couple of years, but it just goes on forever. You have to get in early and the process takes so long with these bookings. Years ago, you could leave it until January, but you can’t do that now. It has to be done early. I book The Other Stage and The John Peel Stage, and I can’t book The Other Stage until The Pyramid stage is done and people know who is playing on that”.

The good news is that “the Pyramid Stage is pretty much done” for 2016, he added. “I’ve just secured two of my headliners for John Peel, so now it will be down to firming up three and four”.

In other Adele news, she’s probably just broken another sales record with ’25’.